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Top 5 Diving Spots in Australia by Roy Parker

Posted by Sean Young on 16-Apr-2016 11:00:00





We asked Avid diver Roy Parker, National Sales Manager for Optique Line to recommend his favourite Scuba Diving locations in Australia, see some of his amazing photography and suggestions below!

Flinders Pier, Westernport Bay, Victoria

Easy access and loads of Weedy Sea Dragons to see (Victoria’s State Marine Faunal Emblem). Fantastic creatures related to Sea Horses and likewise the males carry the eggs, although Weedy’s carry the eggs attached to their tail~!

IMG_0005_copy.jpg IMG_4356.jpg IMG_2325a.jpg IMG_6715.jpg

Blairgowrie Marina, Port Phillip Bay, Victoria

Easy access and diverse range of nudibranchs (I have seen eight different types in 1 dive) Cuttlefish and Squid can be found here too. Seals often visit the area, so keep a lookout for them too.

Sponge Gardens near Queenscliff, Port Phillip Bay, Victoria

Great drift dive (boat access). Underwater terrain changes as the fast current pushes you along. Weed beds to Sponges to Broken reefs to Bommies. Exhilarating fun…..just keep looking forward, so you don’t crash into a reef! Even better if dolphins join in for the ride.

Noarlunga Jetty/Reef, Noarlunga, South Australia

Easy access and big schools of fish surround the pylons at the end of the Jetty. The reef itself is long enough to do 4 dives on (2 inside and 2 outside) Lots of diversity and if you are lucky enough, you can find some live Black Cowrie. (Sea Snail with beautiful shell)

Rapid Bay Jetty, Rapid Bay, South Australia

Moderate Access (long walk to get in) from the new jetty and swim across to the old jetty. Keep an eye out for the Leafy Sea Dragon (South Australia’s Marine Emblem). These spectacular creatures are related to the Weedy Sea Dragon, just harder to find as they blend in so well to the weed beds. Lots of fish diversity here too.

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