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John's MdS Stats Stage 4

Posted by Sean Young on 15-Apr-2016 10:46:34

John completed stage 4, the longest leg of the Marathon Des Sables. 24 Hours lapsed between the first and the last athlete finishing this difficult stage, for some, it was the toughest run of their lives. 
Proud daughter Helen Nicola Says "Dad Smashed day 4!! Running 84.3km in a day through the desert, finishing up at 11.45pm! This was after 3 days of running 40kms each day!! What a massive achievment! Over 100 people have dropped out of this years race so it must have been very tough conditions. His journey and accomplishment will go down in Nicola history for years to come. Can't wait to get him home for a wine!"


 John's stats to date

Postition : 267

 Progress so far

   Completion Time Average kms/hr
Total  36H10'13  5.42
Stage 4  15H25'59  5.44
Stage 3  6H57'17  5.32
Stage 2  7H28'26  5.49
Stage 1  6H18'31  5.39

John will be checking his messages daily so we urge you to send John words of encouragement to lift his spirits!

Click the below link - John is number 511.



Stage 4 - 14/04/2016 : 83.3 km

phoca_thumb_l_iancorlesscom_mds2016-8514-bassedef.jpg"Hi all, I had been waiting a long time for this day, and I did it to plan, run what is possible and fast walk the rest A 14hr 25m, in at 11.40am. Checkpoint by checkpoint I broke it down so 2nd half of the run I passed those that tackled the hard sections to early. Last 29ks I teamed up with Canadian Drew, and we worked our way through to the end, picking up the pace in the cool of the night, we were pace perfect.

Cashews and jerky early allowed me to sustain my power later, up to CP5 the terrain was unrelenting major steep hill climbs required guide ropes, broke many runners to pieces. I used my wrecking ball tactics and broke down each section before it broke me, a proud day in my running life. 

Still looking forward to normal family work life...."

"Cut my last email short, got a nose bleed and got it attended to by medical, at that point the double amputee came in for treatment, he must have some incredible fortitude, we also have Aussie Kate with one foot which came in at 1 pm today, she is an absolute gun.


The attrition has been great so far; we have two tent buddies withdraw, my utmost respects to Richard and Peter, who are experienced ultra athletes. Rest day today, so hot and windy so difficult to eat and recover but must force it down. Tomorrow is Marathon day, will be no.13 for me, and our final timed stage.



Thanks for the prayers of the feet Gods looking after me, only one blister, thanks to my podiatry team for getting me here. This is one tough and rugged environment, glad to be coming to the end of it. 

After the marathon is the charity stage, look forward to taking it easy and taking in my final day EVER racing in the Sahara. Miss my family, and all my friends and work colleagues, KEEP DONATING TO NVRI, I'm doing it tough. John"

The MdS Links:

Facebook Page https://www.facebook.com/JohnNicolaMDS2016/

Track John Live : http://live.marathondessables.com/

Send John Messages :  http://www.marathondessables.com/en/live/write-to-a-competitor.html

Webcam : http://www.marathondessables.com/en/live/live-webcam.html 


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